Going to try to sleep a full 10hrs tonight to rid me of this illness.

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I ate a Big Mac and watched a teen angst indie film. I was doing so good…


Palo Alto (2013) Dir. Gia Coppola


Palo Alto (2013) Dir. Gia Coppola

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Latin@s, let’s talk about the pervasive colorism, sexism, anti-Native, anti-Black, and capitalist, colonial, heterosexist chingadera attitudes that are fucking us up as a community. 

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Like.. I have my own means of transportation now.. My own spot (my apartment).. And i might get set up w/ a full time job that pays better. I didn’t have any of this last year and like shit maybe now I can focus on school when I’m able to go back. Mind you.. I did/am doing this on my own. And I’m all ive ever needed.

Guess who’s getting a fucking car this weekend!!!!!!!


WATCH: Whole Gaza neighborhood destroyed in an hour.

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So I took a pre workout drink on an empty stomach and how is this shit even legal. I guess I shouldn’t complain tho cos I really need a good w/o

Melancholy birthday blues.

Melancholy birthday blues.

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